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Five Eggciting Easter Breaks

Five Eggciting Easter Breaks

Spring is in the air, daffodils are blooming, the chicks are off school and you have time away from the office. Now all you need to do is decide where to go for your last minute Easter getaway.


Whether you want to embrace Easter or escape it, don’t crack under the pressure!

Just take a look at Skyscanner’s top five most begguiling destinations and get on with having a wonderful time eggsploring somewhere new…(eggy enough for you yet?!)

Eggxotic Rio de Janeiro

Bordered by stunning mountains and lush rainforests, the blue seas and white sands of Rio could be the perfect place for an extended Easter break. Flamboyant, gritty, intoxicating and filled with the sounds of Samba and carnival, Rio’s Easter celebrations of Semana Santa (Holy Week) are astounding. The streets fill with lively processions, while shops on every corner celebrate the beauty of chocolate with delectable cakes and patisserie. Book your flights to Rio and immerse yourself in the city’s captivating energy. Walk on carpets of flower petals and relax on Copacabana beach all under the watchful eye and outstretched arms of magnificent Cristo Redentor.

Sunny Side Up in Seville

Nothing beats the southern Spanish sun when it’s raining back home, and where better to hot foot it to than breath-taking Seville. Andalucía’s largest city is filled with some of Spain’s most beautiful and inspiring architecture, delicious tapas and lively nightlife. During Easter, Seville celebrates Semana Santa (Holy Week) with unbridled passion. Book flights to Seville and let yourself drift down the city’s winding, cobbled streets and romantic plazas, heavy with the scent of blossom. Seville’s all-encompassing zest for life is mesmerising and deeply contagious. There is almost no better place to celebrate the arrival of spring and new life.

chocolate.JPGChocolate Break in Paris

For a mouth-watering, chocolate filled Easter, head to Paris for the ultimate in patisserie pleasures and world class Easter eggs. Why not book flights to Paris for Easter weekend and spend your days gazing through bakers windows at sublime sponge creations, flaky, delicate, sugar-dusted pastries and glossy, rich chocolates. Eat millefeuille up the Eiffel Tower, drink hot chocolates in cosy cafes, breakfast on Pain au Chocolat and feast on braised duck with chocolate sauce as the twinkling lights of Paris come to life. You may leave Paris a few pounds heavier and a few euros lighter, but it’s a price well worth paying.

Holy Holiday in Rome

Rome celebrates its most significant Catholic holiday over the two weeks surrounding Easter and is one of the busiest times of the year in Rome. Whether you are really religious or not, the spectacle of tens of thousands of pilgrims arriving to see the city come alive is a sight worth seeing. The atmosphere is electric and many flock to catch a glimpse of the Pope who follows an unbelievable schedule. See the grandeur and reverence of the Vatican, join the Stations of the Cross procession through the streets of Rome or simply take in the many stunning attractions like the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum. So book flights to Rome for pizzas, piazzas, sunglasses, scooters, sublime food and sunshine!

Smashing Fun in Crete

If you dream of an Easter lying stretched out on a tranquil beach with the calm blue sea lapping at your feet, of fresh tomato salads with tangy feta cheese, endless walks, mountain treks and beautiful architecture, then look no further than Crete. Surrounded by mountain ranges, caves and gorges and miles of stunning beach, Crete is a haven for sun seekers and walkers. Celebrate Easter with heavenly Cretan cuisine, from fresh goats’ cheese to ripe and juicy tomatoes, black olives to mouth-watering flaky pastries. Those who love history will adore Crete’s Byzantine monasteries, Minoan palaces and Venetian fortresses not to mention that it’s the birthplace of Zeus himself. Book flights to Crete and head for a traditional village taverna with Ouzo, plate smashing and hospitality as warm as the weather.