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Families demand better airport facilities

Families demand better airport facilities

59% say airports don’t cater for families and a lack of facilities leads to unnecessary stress and affects overall holiday enjoyment.


Skyscanner surveyed over 1000 travellers and revealed that most airports lack adequate facilities to cater for the needs of families.

Almost two thirds of those surveyed said that airports did not provide services that those travelling with children need, and 73% said this lack of facilities caused stress which affected the overall quality of their holiday experience.

‘Long queues’ were by far the biggest gripe; 51% of families claimed it was the worst thing about the airport experience. This was followed by ‘lack of entertainment’ (29%), the ‘long walk to the departure gate’ (10%) and a ‘lack of suitable food options’ (6%).

Almost 60% wanted to see the introduction of soft play areas at airports while more than half of all respondents wanted areas where kids TV or cinema could be offered. Almost one in five liked the idea of a crèche while 9% wanted a story-telling service.

The services that families would most like to see offered were (in order of popularity):

1. soft play areas
2. kids TV/cinema area
3. play area with toys and books for under-fives
4. dedicated security queue for adults travelling with children
5. ‘kids café and bar’ with complimentary refreshments
6. bottle-warming facilities
7. video game zone
8. staffed crèche
9. ball pool
10. pram rental
11. pre-order baby food service
12. storytelling

Mary Porter, Skyscanner PR Manager and mother of one, commented:

“Travelling with children can be a stressful experience, but improved airport facilities could vastly improve this.

“I am not surprised that young children who have already endured delays, long queues and little entertainment are prone to having meltdowns by the time they actually board the aircraft. By catering better for them at the airport, the on board experience could be far less stressful for parents and more enjoyable for all passengers.

“I sincerely hope that the results of this poll will highlight the huge demand that exists and encourage airports to take action to improve the lack of facilities on offer”.