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Exposed Planet: Blog of the Week

Exposed Planet: Blog of the Week

How to describe ‘photoblog’ Exposed Planet? Let’s start with a superlative. Stunning, striking, spectacular…? Hell, let’s go for jaw-dropping.

Exposed Planet creator Harry Kikstra’s describes his photoblog as ‘the world exposed in words and vision’, which is something of an understatement. If you have ever attempted a Blipfoto journal, then this would be your best practice example. In fact, this would be beyond your wildest dreams – the standard is more like National Geographic. It is a collection of photos ordered into subject categories and by country, with stories attached, all presented slickly in travel blog format.

Harry started Exposed Planet as a way to showing his portfolio of photography, but also to share the beauty of our planet. This he has certainly achieved: beautiful is one of the adjectives that most commonly springs to mind when trying to describe his work. Harry’s photos are of both landscapes and people, often intertwined to convey a sense of place and culture, always of the highest professional standard.

As well as being a photographer, filmmaker and writer, Harry is a climber, so his muse, and subject of some of his most magnificent work, is mountains. To pick one of many possible examples, this shot of Denali (pictured above), the highest mountain in North America, sums it all up. It is simply sublime: heart-stoppingly scary, but beautiful. Or perhaps it should be this image and story of Everest which, in Harry’s words, ‘gives the beauty of this harsh place where humans are not supposed to be’. Every picture tells a story, and this is definitely a sad one.

Exposed Planet will appeal to writers, travellers, photographers, and all in between. Be warned, however, that as well as being inspirational, it is also addictive – it is all too easy to while away a morning reading Harry’s stories, flicking through 47 photos of stars and moons. But what’s wrong with that?