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To eurozone or not to eurozone? Ask Skyscanner

I’m a bit confused about the whole eurozone thing

Dear Skyscanner,


I’m a bit confused about the whole eurozone thing. I’ve read that the eurozone is still an expensive place to go, yet I’ve also read that it’s cheaper compared to last year. If I want a cheap holiday, is it best to avoid the eurozone or not?

Tony, Cardiff

Dear Tony,

If only it were that simple! Like many things in life, the whole eurozone vs non-eurozone debacle is just not as straightforward as we’ve been led to believe.

Many reports in the papers tell us that because the British pound has weakened against the euro over the last three years, it means all countries on the euro are now very expensive, whilst all non-eurozone countries are cheap. What a load of codswallop!

Over the last six months, the pound has been steadily (but slowly) strengthening against the euro (at the time of writing 1GBP=1.19EUR). We’re nowhere near the good old days, but compared to last year, you will now get a little more euro for your pound.

But remember, many non-euro countries that we perceive to be cheap have also become more expensive as their currencies have strengthened and are no longer the bargain basement locations they once were.

At the same time, just because a country uses the euro, doesn’t automatically mean it’s expensive. Our recent survey on this topic showed that most Brits were quite wrong about which countries were pricey and which were cheap in reality.

When considering a holiday location, look at the actual cost of accommodation, food, and drink rather than basing your decision entirely on the currency. There are still plenty of good value countries to be found within the eurozone, and of course within any one country, prices can vary dramatically.

And let’s not forget that exchange rates are constantly in flux, so it’s always worth checking on the latest rates before you make your mind up where to go.

If you’re looking for a cheaper European holiday this summer, take a look at Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Turkey or Portugal for a good deal.

Answer by Sam Baldwin – Skyscanner Travel Editor

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