News Eurovision 2010: Skyscanner predicts top scoring holiday destinations

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Eurovision 2010: Skyscanner predicts top scoring holiday destinations

Eurovision 2010: Skyscanner predicts top scoring holiday destinations

With the 55th Eurovision song contest taking place on Oslo this weekend (29th May 2010), Skyscanner judges the destinations that really deserve ‘douze points’.


The Spanish haven’t won Eurovision since 1969, but Spain still gets full marks from British travellers and remains our most popular destination. With ferries and flights to Spain delivering over 16 million British visitors each year, it’s clear that when it comes to holidays, the UK awards Spain ‘douze points’.


Basking in the glory from their Eurovision win in 2009, host nation Norway will be hoping to notch up a fourth title this year. Norway is often seen as an expensive destination by British travellers, but the beauty of its fjords, mountains and lakes is obviously a price worth paying for the 250,000 UK visitors that make the trip each year. Find flights to Norway


The Greeks may have only won Eurovision once, but the country deserves full marks for its beautiful Aegean islands, delicious cuisine and great weather, which draw over two million UK visitors each year. Unrest in the country may dent tourist numbers this summer, but a Eurovision win could help bring back the punters. Find flights to Greece


The Emerald Isle has won Eurovision more than any other country, though some believe this may have something to do with the popularity of Irish pubs abroad, as much as their singing talent! Although Ireland has not had a Eurovision victory since 1996, its winning blend of hospitality, greenery and history draws almost four million Brits each year. Find flights to Ireland


Along with France and the UK, little Luxembourg is a Eurovision superpower, having won the contest five times, more than any other country apart from Ireland. Top marks go to its attractive architecture, fine wine and haute cuisine, as well as the Mullerthal region which offers expansive valleys, rugged cliffs and cascading waterfalls, all of which draws 120,000 British visitors each year. Find flights to Luxembourg