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Europe promises value for money for UK travellers

Europe promises value for money for UK travellers

British holidaymakers travelling on cheap flights to Europe can look forward to their spending money stretching further, particularly if they’re heading to Croatia or Bulgaria.

This is according to the latest figures from the International Currency Exchange (ICE), which recorded a 4.31 percent year-on-year increase in the pound’s value against the euro.

To really get value for money, the ICE discovered, tourists should travel on flights to Croatia or Bulgaria, where exchange rates are particularly favourable.

Joanna Williams, the ICE’s head of marketing, said that Brits embarking on a trip to eurozone destinations will "get more for their money…than this time last year".

"The strengthening pound means Brits will get around 24 euros extra in their pocket when exchanging £500," she explained.

"However, Croatia and Bulgaria are really giving the traditional European hotspots a run for their money. Both countries offer sunny days and warm seas in September but with low day-to-day living costs."

In July, the ICE revealed that destinations in Turkey in Egypt, while still popular, were offering travellers less value this summer than 12 months ago.