News Escape from Stag City: Five stag-do destinations off the sick-stained path

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Escape from Stag City: Five stag-do destinations off the sick-stained path

Escape from Stag City: Five stag-do destinations off the sick-stained path

Bored of Brighton? Over Amsterdam? Prague too passé?

Skyscanner reveals five lesser-trodden stag weekend destinations where you can avoid druken Brits and escape the sick-stained, strip bar-lined, stag party path.

1. Beirut (Lebanon)

An intriguing mix of ‘bling’ and bullet holes, Beirut is an Eastern party town. By day, you can hit the track to watch Arabian racehorses and have a flutter, then head to Mnaitra just outside the city for canoeing or biking, or go submarine with a scuba dive in Beirut’s warm seas.

By night, hit the cool Gemmayzeh area packed full of party-hungry Lebanese girls and guys and have a cocktail in one of the many small, funky bars before heading on to an exotic pool party, private beach bar or trance club that opens till sunrise. Find flights to Beirut

2. Pas De La Casa (Andorra)

Known best for its snow sports, this Pyrenean ski town has been deemed ‘Ibiza on Ice’ due to the lively winter nightlife. Andorra is an outdoor paradise all year round with plenty of manly activities on offer: biking, 4X4ing, amphibious 8X8ing, bungees, buggies and bikes. And the best thing about it? The whole of Andorra is duty free, which means that the booze, and everything else, is cheaper than elsewhere in Europe. Find flights to Toulouse

3. Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

A city still scarred from conflict, Sarajevo is nevertheless a handsome place in the hills. By day, there’s hiking, biking and rafting nearby, and in winter there are two ski areas just 30 minutes from the city. By night the bars and clubs are full of friendly locals who are only too pleased to welcome foreigners to their city, and the cuisine is of surprisingly high quality (especially if you like meat and lots of it!) at very reasonable prices. Find flights to Sarajevo

4. Reykjavik (Iceland)

Just 2.5 hours flight from London, the Icelandic capital is deemed one of the coolest cities in Europe – after all – it is the world’s most northerly capital! Activities include sea fishing, ice climbing, snowboarding (in winter) and exploring the rugged moonscape in a beefy 4X4. Finish off with a dip in the thermal Blue Lagoon, a Viking feast and then a night on the town at one of the city’s hip nightclubs. Find flights to Reykjavik

5. Moscow (Russia)

If money is no object and you don’t mind the extra hassle of arranging visas, then Moscow is one of the most exclusive stag destinations out there. Nightlife in the Russian capital is vast with casinos, vodka bars, discos and lap dancing all under one roof. Daytime activities include stag hunting (the animal, not the groom!), Soviet paintball war battles, and getting to ride in a Russian fighter Jet. Find flights to Moscow

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