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Driving abroad: Top tips for 10 fly-drive destinations

Speed limits, strange traffic signs, unique laws and handy driving tips: we bring you essential guides to driving abroad in 10 popular fly-drive holiday destinations.

Got any road-tested tips of your own? Share your experiences of driving abroad with us in the comments section below!

Thinking of driving abroad in Spain? Going on an epic road trip in America? Not sure if you need an international driving permit to drive in the UAE? Before you head out on the highway, you’ll need to do some homework first.

Driving abroad: rules, regulations and insider tips

That’s where we come in! Our handy downloadable guides give you the basic traffic laws and local information for the some of the most popular places for a fly-drive holiday, from speed limits and road signs that you don’t see at home to some useful driving tips to help you have a stress-free experience on your holiday.

For example, did you know that you have to watch out for camels on the road in Dubai, or that you need to take an extra pair of glasses when driving in Spain? Well, you do now!

Our guide to driving abroad

Simply click on the links below to open our downloadable guides to 10 popular holiday destinations, country-by-country. We’ve also collected them all in one handy guide at the top. Let’s hit the road!

Click this link to download our complete guide to driving abroad

Driving in Italy

Driving in Spain

Driving in the USA

Driving in Portugal

Driving in France

Driving in Germany

Driving in Austria

Driving in the Canary Islands

Driving in Ireland

Driving in the UAE

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