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Destination is the ‘top consideration’ for travellers

Destination is the 'top consideration' for travellers

Destination is still more important than price when it comes to booking flights to international locations, a new survey by the Association of Independent Travel Operators (AITO) and Wanderlust has revealed.

Questioning UK travellers, the organisations found that most consumers are swayed more by interesting locations than they are by attractive prices of cheap flights.

The research also indicated that 77 percent of people are planning to travel on as many routes abroad this year as they did in 2008, with 72 percent also expecting to spend the same amount.

Despite the rise in popularity of domestic holidays this year, over 70 percent still expressed their intentions to take flights to Europe.

This week, AITO said there has been a flurry of late bookings for cheap flights to sunny destinations by UK holidaymakers because of the miserable weather in July.

Ian Bradley, a spokesperson for the association, said: "People are panicking and thinking: ‘I thought [the summer] was going to be great, its not, get me out of here’."