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53 capital city breaks for less than £100

Here are the cheapest flights from the UK to capital cities across Europe, including Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, as well as a few far-flung capitals like Riga, Bucharest or Vilnius. Go on,a last minute break is just a click away...

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Route Flight price from*
Newcastle to Dublin, Ireland £17
Bristol to Dublin, Ireland £20
Leeds Bradford to Warsaw, Poland £23
Glasgow to Berlin, Germany £23
Newcastle to Warsaw, Poland £25
Leeds Bradford to Dublin £25
Edinburgh to Copenhagen, Denmark £26
London to Copenhagen, Denmark £26
Glasgow to Warsaw, Poland £26
Manchester to Paris, France £26
London to Stockholm, Sweden £28
London to Oslo, Norway £30
Manchester to Brussels, Belgium £30
Manchester to Berlin, Germany £30
Liverpool to Riga, Latvia £30
Bristol to Warsaw, Poland £33
Liverpool to Dublin, Ireland £34
Manchester to Oslo, Norway £34
Newcastle to Madrid, Spain £34
Leeds Bradford to Bratislava, Slovakia £34
Liverpool to Vilnius, Lithuania £39
Glasgow to Rome, Italy £41
Newcastle to Berlin, Germany £41
London to Budapest, Hungary £44
Leeds Bradford to Riga, Latvia £45
Manchester to Riga, Latvia £46
Bristol to Sofia, Bulgaria £46
Manchester to Madrid, Spain £47
Liverpool to Berlin, Germany £48
Liverpool to Madrid, Spain £49
Birmingham to Madrid, Spain £50
Birmingham to Bucharest, Romania £50
Liverpool to Rome, Italy £50
Manchester to Rome, Italy £50
Liverpool to Bucharest, Romania £50
Manchester to Lisbon, Portugal £55
Edinburgh to Berlin, Germany £59
London to Reykjavik, Iceland £60
Birmingham to Vienna, Austria £60
Birmingham to Lisbon, Portugal £63
Edinburgh to Bratislava, Slovakia £63
Birmingham to Paris, France £64
Edinburgh to Rome, Italy £65
Birmingham to Amsterdam, Netherlands £65
Manchester to Vienna, Austria £71
Edinburgh to Oslo, Norway £71
Edinburgh to Stockholm, Sweden £72
Bristol to Budapest, Hungary £72
Glasgow to Paris, France £73
Glasgow to Lisbon, Portugal £76
London to Athens, Greece £76
Leeds Bradford to Prague, Czech Republic £78
Newcastle to Amsterdam, Netherlands £87

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*Published February 2017. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability.

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