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Dead weird: the World’s Top 5 Most Morbid Events

5 festivals that celebrate the meeting with our maker

Death: Festival For the Living, a humorous celebration of that boardroom briefing with our maker is on in London this weekend.

So, Skyscanner presents the 5 most morbid events in the world.

1. Death: Southbank Centre’s Festival for the Living, London 27-29 January

This festival looks at our attitudes towards death with events include Music to Die For – a concert featuring classical music from composers obsessed by death, and a collection of bespoke coffins ranging from an electric guitar to a skip. Find flights to London

2. Near Death Festival, Las Nieves, Spain, 29 July

The town of Las Nieves, Galicia, Spain, celebrates close shaves with the final curtain with story-telling events and, in typical Spanish style, brass band concerts, fireworks and celebrations. Anyone who has had a near-death experience gets taken to church in a coffin. Find flights to Porto

3. Days of the Dead, Mexico, 1-2 November

Los Dias de los Muertos is, along with Halloween, the world’s best known event in honour of death. ‘The living’ invite the dead (close relatives, not random strangers) – to come to the family home for a visit. At least everyone, living and dead, gets to eat ghoulish-themed sweets and stuff. Find flights to Mexico City

3 crosses.JPG4. Whitby Goth Weekend, 26-30 April & 1-5 November

Thousands of Goths from all over the world descend on the Yorkshire seaside resort of Whitby twice a year to get morbid in the place where Bram Stoker created Dracula. Costumed Goths parade the streets and drive around town in customised hearses, much to everyone’s entertainment. Find flights to Newcastle

5. Stay in a coffin, Berlin, Germany, all year

Create your own morbid event at any time of the year by staying at the surreal Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin. All the rooms are themed, including one with his n’ hers coffins – it’s the perfect Valentine’s Goth getaway. Who says romance is dead? Find flights to Berlin