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Whereas money doesn’t tend to change hands on CouchSurfer, aims to monetise the business of accommodation, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Simply enter your desired location and browse the available rooms. Pictures and details are given including a map location, things to do in the area, a brief profile of the host, and any reviews from previous guests.

Like CouchSurfer, CrashPadder is a community based site and works on a basis of “reliability” feedback ratings. The site should appeal to those looking for good value accommodation, the chance to meet locals and stay in a more homely environment.

Many who already believe in the CouchSurfing ethos may balk at CrashPadder’s monetised nature, but the ultimate difference is, with CrashPadder, because you are paying for the privilege, you can select a room rather than having to settle for someone’s bedroom floor/sofa/hallway. As the founder puts it himself “CrashPadder is CouchSurfing for grownups.”

Where CrashPadder will really come into its own is for major events. Take the World Cup for example; with hotel prices already soaring, CrashPadder will help footy fans find affordable accommodation whilst locals will welcome the extra income.

And if you’ve got a spare room, want to meet people from all over the world, and make a bit of extra money – you can add your own spare room to the site.

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