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We know the problem. You want to get away, you’ve found a bargain flight on your favourite travel search site, but you just can’t afford somewhere to stay. Enter, the broke traveller’s saviour!

The idea is simple – you register with the site, then when you’re next off on your travels, you search for other members who live in your destinations and request a couch to ‘surf’ on.

Hopefully you get lots of offers and can look forward to meeting and staying with locals who may not only put you up but also take you out and show you around.

You of course are expected to repay the favour to other CouchSurfers and the community polices itself with references and a vouching system to help keep the community safe.

CouchSurfing is more than just a cheap way to travel; it’s a way to have a deeper, more enriching travel experience by meeting and interacting with the locals in a way that would not be possible if you stayed in a hotel.

OK- so it’s not ideal for your honeymoon, but for the intrepid traveller, CouchSurfing is possibly the best way to see somewhere through the eyes of a local.