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Corsica: weekend of the week

Corsica: weekend of the week

Corsica – Island of Beauty

corsica.JPGWhy? Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Med, is blessed with diverse geography and has avoided the aggressive tourist development that has blighted many other Mediterranean islands, ensuring that its strong traditions and beautiful scenery have been preserved.

Visitors can enjoy incredible beaches, breathtaking mountain scenery and fantastic cuisine and despite officially being part of France, Corsican culture is fiercely unique, with locals clinging to their mantra: “Always conquered, never subdued”.

When? Summer is the most popular time to visit the island, where the excellent beaches offer all the normal water sports such as sailing, scuba diving and windsurfing. However the centre of the island is mountainous and offers great hiking and biking from spring to autumn and even skiing in one of the three ski areas in winter; so Corsica offers great activity opportunities all year round.

Stay: In central Corsica, try Hotel Capo Rossa in the historic town of Corte, which is surrounded by mountains and close to the wild rugged coastline around Porto. Or in ‘L’Extreme Sud’ – enjoy horseshoe bays of white sands and crystal blue waters by staying in the Apartments Lucchini, which are just a short walk from Porto Vecchio.

Corsica’s Nightlife: though there are lively bars and cafes in many of the larger Corsican towns, nightlife is generally low-key, with more emphasis on the great food, rather than getting legless. In line with their proudly guarded traditions and culture, Corsican cuisine has many unique dishes; wild boar is a particular favourite, Corsican pastries are highly regarded, and Colombia, a Corsican brewed spicy weiss beer, is a delicious accompaniment to any meal.

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