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CopenhagenCycleChic: Website of the Week

CopenhagenCycleChic: Website of the Week


A largely pictorial blog that documents Denmark’s love of the humble bicycle, this is a great place to view snaps of stylish Danes riding bikes in high heels, long dresses and elegant hats. Indeed, the Cycling Girl – Cykelpigen – is in integral and iconic part of Danish culture has been for over a century.

The blog even gives tips on subjects such as how to ride a bicycle in a skirt and the Gentlemen’s guide to bespoke bicycles.

In a country where bikes rule the streets, Denmark is a great role model for other countries, especially in an era where the pressure is on to reduce our carbon footprints.

Town planners of the world take note: CopenhagenCycleChic shows us how cycling in the city should (and could) be.

Picture from CopenhagenCycleChic

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