News Chip-fat fuelled planes, Supersonic Jets, and the Dreamliner

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Chip-fat fuelled planes, Supersonic Jets, and the Dreamliner

Chip-fat fuelled planes, Supersonic Jets, and the Dreamliner

Chip-fat fuelled plane


Thomson Airways will be making history next month when it flies its passengers from Birmingham to Palma on the first commercial biofuel flight in Britain. The fuel, which is a mixture of used cooking oil and paraffin, is said to have less environmental impact than conventional jet fuel.

However, though environmentalists say it’s a step in the right direction, they have pointed out that that we do not consume enough fried food in the UK to make the cooking oil flights a long-term solution.

Nevertheless, some believe that the city of Glasgow, famed for its love of deep-fried food, could become a new centre for aviation fuel production.

Martin Burge, Skyscanner’s resident Weegie and health food expert, inhaled deeply on a cigarette and commented:

“For so long Glasgow’s regional specialities like deep-fried Mars Bars have been mocked by the rest of the UK. But who’s laughing now? With North Sea oil dwindling, Glasgow is set to become the world leader in the production of used cooking-oil fuel. Put that in your deep fat fryer and cook it!”

New SonicStar supersonic Jet will be the new Concorde (only better!)

A new 20 seater plane called the SonicStar could fly passengers from Paris to New York in less than two hours, or New York to Sydney in five hours. Designed by HyperMach Aeronautics, the jet will be the next generation of supersonic travel, and will take off where Concorde permanently landed.
The ‘unique engine technology’ means it will be able to cruise at Mach 3.5 with little or no environmental impact, though how this would be achieved is not explained.

The company say the plane will take off June 2021, but tickets won’t be cheap.

Watch the video here:


And finally… All Nippon Airways finally gets Dreamliner

It’s been a long time coming, but the Japanese airline ANA have finally got their hands on the brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and will be the world’s first carrier to deploy the aircraft. The new fuel-efficient long haul jet was originally expected to arrive in 2008, but three years late is better than never.

The aircraft, which is made from light-weight material, burns 20% less fuel and will cost 30% less in maintenance fees, is now undergoing test flights, with the first commercial service planned for autumn 2011.