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China travellers should venture ‘further afield’

China travellers should venture 'further afield'

Gappers booking flights to China should travel further afield from the cities in order to sample the country’s cultural highlights.

This is the suggestion from Gap Adventures, which said that, while cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are appealing, China’s real culture, history and food are found off the beaten track.

John Warner, the company’s managing director, explained that many travellers stayed in the cities because heading inland can be "daunting for some people".

"There’s nothing wrong with this – Beijing and Shanghai are utterly fascinating and destinations in their own right – however, go further afield and visitors will discover that each area has its own unique customs," he commented.

Mr Warner went on to recommend a visit to Leshan’s giant stone Buddha and the Three Gorges, a series of canyons regarded as some of China’s most spectacular scenery.

Figures from China’s National Tourism Administration revealed that the country received 125 million visitors during the February 13th-19th holiday period, a year-on-year increase of 14.8 percent.