News Celebrate Asterix’s birthday with 10 comics and cartoons from around the world

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Celebrate Asterix’s birthday with 10 comics and cartoons from around the world

Celebrate Asterix’s birthday with 10 comics and cartoons from around the world

This year is the 50th anniversary of The Adventures of Asterix, the courageous Gaul whose adventures have been translated into more than 100 languages worldwide.

Skyscanner pays tribute to the legendary comic by tracking down Asterix, along with some of his fellow animated superstars, on their home turf and in the places where they shine most.

The Adventures of Asterix: Parc Asterix, Plailly, France

Still going strong 50 years on, Asterix and friends continue to fight off the Roman Empire as well as embark on adventures further afield. Help the beloved comic hero commemorate his big milestone birthday at a theme park built in his honour. Have your own superhuman adventures as you brave the scariest rides, meet the characters, travel through the ages and experience Asterix adventuring in foreign lands. Find cheap flights to France

Astro Boy: Tokyo, Japan

Japan is well known for its love of manga (comic books) and anime (animated films) and one of its most famous comic creations is Astro Boy, a crime-fighting robot who first appeared in 1952. Tokyo is the heart of all things Astro Boy, all over town the little superhero makes his mark: in the Takadanobaba district, Astro Boy adorns the currency, at the Fukutoshin subway station a mural made of train tickets depicts him in action, and the suburb of Niiza City has even registered Astro Boy as an official resident! His newest big screen release is also currently opening up at theatres worldwide. Find cheap flights to Japan

Wallace and Gromit: Wigan, Lancashire, UK

A trip to Wigan will bring you to the hometown of Wallace and Gromit, two of the most well-known British Plasticine pairs ever. It’s the series’ 20th anniversary this year, and the perfect time to make the pilgrimage to the northwest of England. Why not try a little of Wallace’s favourite cheese – Wensleydale – and play some of the duo’s video game spin-offs while you’re at it? Find cheap flights to the UK

Batman: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Gritty Gotham City comes to life in the movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, which were both filmed amidst Chicago’s towering skyscrapers in the historical downtown Loop neighbourhood. Retrace the footsteps of the filmmakers using the online guide, and relive all of the best bits from the movies. Next summer, don’t miss the famous animation convention –Comic Con – when it swings through the windy city. And did you know there’s even a Batman Airport in Turkey? Find cheap flights to the USA

Ginger Meggs: Sydney, Australia

Australia’s oldest and most notorious comic strip, Ginger Meggs, documents the escapades of a mischievous red-haired boy. The storyline had a suburban setting that was familiar to the author Jimmy Bancks, since he grew up in the Sydney outskirts in Hornsby. In homage to Ginger, a bronze memorial stands not far from a park named in this honour – Ginger Meggs Park. There is also a restaurant named after the red-haired rascal in Sydney. Find cheap flights to Australia

McMug: Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China

McMug, a little pink piglet, hails from Lantau Island, a beautiful, relaxing refuge located in Hong Kong. Despite being a comic, the stories often cover adult topics including poverty, death and single-parent families. Fans of the comic cutie can combine a leisurely beach vacation on the pig’s home island with a jaunt into Hong Kong city to catch an exhibition at one of the metropolis’ many art museums. Find cheap flights to to China

Krtek: Prague, Czech Republic

Krtek is a little red-nosed black mole which was created in 1956 and has become a pop culture icon throughout the Czech Republic, and especially in the capital Prague. Here, he appears in street art, modern art, children’s museums, cinemas and large toy stores that sell exclusively Krtek merchandise. Immerse yourself in Prague’s beauty and take a stroll down its winding stone streets as you hunt for this famous little mole who has been the star of over 50 films. Find cheap flights to Czech Republic

Persepolis: Iran

This graphic novel and subsequent animated film is based on the life of Iranian native Marjane Satrapi and bears the name of the ancient town in Iran that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The film received much criticism from the Iranian government who claimed it “presented an unrealistic face of the achievements and results of the glorious Islamic Revolution”. Tour the ancient ruins in Persepolis that are still incredibly well preserved. Iranians are renowned for their culture of hospitality towards foreign visitors, and the country offers everything from beaches and bazaars to skiing on snow covered mountains. Find cheap flights to Iran

The Adventures of Tintin: Belgium and France

Created by Belgian artist Hergé, lead character and hero Tintin is a quiff haired Belgian reporter. Aided by his faithful hound – Snowy – and sea-dog captain Haddock, Tintin continues to be a comic favourite, 80 years since his creation. Stop by the regal Château de Cheverny in France’s Loire Valley, which was the model for Captain Haddock’s countryside home, Marlinspike Hall. Inside, a permanent exhibit is dedicated to the Tintin stories. In Brussels, become an investigative journalist like Tintin for the day, and use the walking guide to scope out all sorts of paraphernalia and displays related to the wildly popular character that are scattered throughout the city. Find cheap flights to Belgium and France

Mickey Mouse and Friends: Disney Empire

Mickey Mouse and his friends are worldwide phenomenon, which has led to the creation of an entire collection of giant Disney theme parks and resorts across the globe, plus a cruise line, guided tour company and timeshare club. No matter where you go, Disney characters are sure to be found, but for the ultimate Disney experience, travel to one of the biggest tourist Meccas on the planet, (as well as the biggie of all the Disney parks) – Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Find cheap flights to the USA