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Bubble Hotel: Glamping hits new high (price)

Bubble Hotel: Glamping hits new high (price)

Glamping has hit a new high (price) with the unveiling of the latest angle on the glorified tent.

The slightly bizarrely named ‘Bubble Tree Hotel’ (we get the bubble part, but ‘tree’…?) is an inflatable pod that looks like a giant beach ball with two growths attached.

Designer, Pierre-Stephane Dumas explained why it was preferable to traditional forms of camping:

"It’s is a structure without a frame, and so we send air into it which holds the structure up. This allows us at once to continually renew the air and avoid condensation and humidity. That avoids a problem frequently encountered in tents, so that we have a truly healthy habitat."

No doubt it will attract couples willing to splash out on a unique and somewhat quirky night but
there are a few potential problems with life in the inflatable sphere. There appears to be no blinds or curtains in the bubble, so if you are planning to get amorous with your other half, you’re going be on display to anyone passing by (although to be fair, the location for the Bubble Hotel is secluded).

Now, we don’t want to burst any bubbles here, but it seems to us that there’s a cheaper way of sleeping out under the stars and avoiding condensation and humidity that also costs a darn sight less than 189 euros a night.

Just grab a sleeping bag and camp out under the stars ‘Ray Mears’ style, next to the fire.

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Watch the video here: