News Brits say ‘Yes Please’ to ‘Big Freeze’

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Brits say ‘Yes Please’ to ‘Big Freeze’

Brits say ‘Yes Please’ to 'Big Freeze'

Despite frozen pipes, blocked roads and cancelled flights, it seems that most Brits enjoyed the recent ‘Big Freeze’ which saw the entire UK snowbound.


In our latest poll, 64% of Skyscanner users voted that the Big Freeze was a good thing. With more cold, snowy weather forecast for the end of the week, it’s perhaps just as well.

Only 34% voted that it was bad, due to it being ‘cold, miserable and inconvenient’. (2% gave other answers).

Scotland, which is home to Skyscanner, saw some of the heaviest snow with temperatures falling as low as -22C in some parts of the Highlands. But the white weather has given a massive boost to the nation’s five ski areas, with visitor numbers up substantially on last year.

The rest of the UK also received substantial snowfall leading to days of missed work and school closures, but plenty of snow fun at the same time, as people took to parks and streets with skis and sledges.

“Although the Big Freeze did cause inconvenience for a lot of people, it seems that cold, crisp and snowy weather is more appealing than a grey, wet winter to the majority of people. There is something magical about snow which can transform even the most uninspiring landscapes into a winter wonderland. This is what winter should be like.” said Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner travel editor.

Unfortunately for snow lovers, it’s unlikely that cold snowy winters will become the norm for the UK. The Met Office report that winters this cold are a once in thirty years occurrence, so it’s likely that for the next couple of decades, British winters will be grey, rather than white.

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