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Brits beginning to discover Spain’s north-west

Those "in the know" are keeping Spain's north-western region a closely-guarded secret.

Those "in the know" are keeping Spain’s north-western region a closely-guarded secret, despite it being gradually uncovered by Brits keen to explore the area’s culture.

This is according to the Spanish Tourism Office (STO), who said that UK holidaymakers are becoming more inclined to sample the country’s food and wine.

STO UK and Europe director Ignacio Vasallo said the Mediterranean country offers Brits the "diversity" they are looking for, from beach life to night life, historic cities, vineyards and family holidays.

"In 2009 alone, Spain celebrated seven chefs with three Michelin stars and over ten chefs gained their first Michelin star," he commented.

"This new wave of acclaimed chefs is achieving increased repute and recognition for Spanish cuisine."

Mr Vasallo went on to highlight the popularity of Galicia in the north-west, which is known for its fjords and rugged landscape.

2010 Travel Trend data from Skyscanner revealed that Malaga, Tenerife and Alicante were the most searched for destinations from British airports for travel in 2010.