News Brazilians voted world’s most beautiful people by Skyscanner users

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Brazilians voted world’s most beautiful people by Skyscanner users

Brazilians voted world’s most beautiful people by Skyscanner users

With Miss World celebrating its 60th pageant on October 30th 2010, Skyscanner reveals which nations are perceived to contain the planet’s most beautiful people according to its latest poll.

Brazil, home to supermodel Gisele Bündchen, topped the charts for being home to the world’s most attractive population; the South American country took the number one position with 12% of the vote.


The Brazilians were closely followed by the Swedes, stereotypically known to be tall, blonde and blue-eyed, who took 10% of the vote. India was ranked in third place with 8% of the votes and Poland 4th with 6%.

The UK was ranked 5th, despite holding the most titles for Miss World (along with India, and Venezuela which ranked 6th in the Skyscanner poll).

World’s most attractive people according to Skyscanner users

1. Brazil
2. Sweden
3. India
4. Poland
5. UK
6. Venezuela
7. Russia
8. Czech Republic
9. USA
10. Netherlands
10. Italy

Over 500 people voted in the poll which asked users to select the nation they believed to have the most attractive people. The shortlist was compiled of 34 countries that had all won a Miss World title at least once*.

Skyscanner has seen the popularity of flights to India rocket by 45% in the last 6 months, although whether the attractiveness of the locals is the primary reason for travel is unconfirmed!

Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner travel editor commented:

“The poll opens an interesting point on stereotypes and people’s perception of beauty, and how certain countries are often thought of having universally attractive people. In reality it is likely that no single nation is uniformly more attractive than any other, as most countries display a considerable amount of genetic variation across their populations.”