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Blog of the Week: Velvet Escape

Blog of the Week: Velvet Escape

In 2008 Keith Jenkins left his 10-year banking career to see the world. "I’ve not looked back since", he says, and after visiting everywhere from Brazil to Bora Bora, we’re not surprised. You can read the fruits of his labour of love on his travel blog Velvet Escape.


The blog’s main content is divided into six ‘Quintessentially Velvet’ sections, taking in Places, Travel Tips, Tens, Cuisine, Hotels and People. Tips features guests writers from around the world; the handy Tens offer quick guides according to theme; Cuisine – obviously a personal passion of Keith’s – takes you on a lip-whetting culinary tour; Hotels will make you just a little envious; and in People, Keith gets philosophical on the fine art of travel . There is also a Destinations section so you can navigate straight to your country of interest. Keith’s tone is friendly, yet still poised and professional, while the blog’s look, layout and navigation is appropriately neat and non-flashy.

Keith’s concept suits the site well. ‘Velvet’, says the 30-something Amsterdammer is ‘soft, plush, rich… some would say sexy. When you run your hand over velvet you know there is a certain depth and richness to it; you know you are alive.’ Travel certainly comes across as Keith’s lifeblood, especially when it flows towards the luxury end of the spectrum, but the approach is never Condé Nast. In fact it’s quite the opposite – Velvet Escape will appeal more to the clued-up ‘coolpacker’ than the Mr and Mrs Smith set.

So whether you define luxury as sipping champagne on first-class flights, or simply having the time to go on holiday, you’ll be sure to find writing worth reading, as well as that essential element of escapism. We all want to get away from it all sometimes. Velvet Escape does it in style.

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