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Best Free Attractions In World’s Most Wealthy Cities

Best Free Attractions In World’s Most Wealthy Cities

Fed up with the global recession? Then forget all about it in one of the world’s most wealthy cities where you’d never know.


A recent report from Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank has listed the world’s richest cities – but where there’s wealth – there’s expense.

Yet even in the world’s most pricey places, Skyscanner shows you that some of the best things in life are still free and tourists visiting these exciting cities can enjoy the bling – without spending a thing (almost!).

1. New York

There’s plenty to do in the Big Apple that doesn’t require a remortgage. Get some fresh air with a free walking tour of the gardens near Belvedere Castle in Central Park. Gadget lovers should visit the Sony Wonder Technology Lab, a free four storey interactive technology experience, or get closer to nature at the Bronx Zoo which is free on Wednesdays. Find cheap flights to New York

2. London

Although some of London’s top attractions are dear, one of the best things about London is that many of the capital’s museums are free. Nature lovers will adore the Natural History Museum; The Science museum is a firm favourite with families and the British Museum shows off some of the world’s most interesting and priceless artefacts from ancient civilisations and cultures. Find cheap flights to London

3. Paris

Paris is known for being pricey and yes, a pint of bier may cost you €8, but some of the city’s most famous landmarks are free. It won’t cost anything to enter the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral; come out smelling of roses at the Fragonard Perfume Museum which is housed in a breathtaking Napolean III townhouse, or stroll along the banks of the Seine River which slices though the city and offers some of the best and most loved sights in capital. Find cheap flights to Paris

4. Tokyo

Japan can be an expensive place but visitors can get plenty of Japanese entertainment without spending a single yen. Visit Yoyogi park on a Sunday and watch some of the city’s most interesting characters come out to play; from karate kids to leather clad rock-a-billies to teenagers dressed in strange ‘cosplay’ costumes, Yoyogi is more than enough free entertainment for one day. Find cheap flights to Tokyo

5. Los Angeles

The US may be all about the bling, and LA is of course home to America’s glitz and glamourati but the City of Angels also offers a lot for free. Get no-cost sun, sea and sand at Cabrillo, Venice and Surfrider beaches; visit the star-lined Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard or check out the NoHo Art District where North Hollywood’s artsy community offer galleries, public art installations and live theatre. Find cheap flights to Los Angeles