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Best beaches to be shipwrecked on

Best beaches to be shipwrecked on

‘Ooh aarh me hearties’, yes, it’s that time again.

pirate2.JPGIn honour of Talk Like a Pirate Day on Monday 19 September, Skyscanner has compiled a list of the five best beaches any self-respecting swashbuckling plunderer of the Seven Seas would be proud to be shipwrecked on…

1. Sandwood Bay, Sutherland, Scotland

You might well ‘shiver your timbers’ on the wild and untamed coasts of Scotland but Sandwood Bay, a remote beach where the Atlantic laps against an uninterrupted stretch of golden sand, is one of the most beautiful in all of Scotland. But be warned, the dunes and towering cliffs hide a dark secret; many a seafaring vessel was dashed on the rocks of the bay in the 1700’s and the ghost of one such mariner who met this fate still haunts the beach to this day.

2. Shipwrecks Beach, Hawaii

Hoist the Jolly Roger and sail towards the stunning islands of Hawaii, dropping anchor at Shipwrecks Beach. Aptly named, this rugged beach with its sea-battered timbers and oddly shaped volcanic rocks strewn across the sands, is the perfect for a spot of pirate adventure. It’s not easily accessible but the views from the beach across to the nearby islands is worth the journey land lubbers. For added ‘pirate atmosphere’ there is even a World War II shipwreck on the reef where green sea turtles and whales frolic.

3. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Every sea-fearing sea dog should make a stop to the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Whitsunday Islands of Australia. Vast and peaceful, this is one deserted beach you wont want to be rescued from – instead take a break from swashbuckling adventures, lie back on the sands and simply soak up the sun.

4. Las Islas Cies Beach, Galicia, Spain

Aarh, the Spanish Coast, where notorious pirates swarmed in search of gold coins and other tempting pirate booty, but one of the most dazzling jewels of the Spanish coast is Las Islas Cies Beach. A pristine stretch of pale, soft sand on the edge of national parkland, days can be spent lazily swimming in lagoons, combing the reefs and sheltering under the dunes. The long stretch of sand lends itself especially well to cutlass practice in the event of an unexpected pirate attack.

5. Comaraca Kuna Yala Beach, Panama

Home to one of the most notorious pirates of his day, Sir Henry Morgan, archaeologists in Panama recently recovered the remains of a real pirate ship said to belong to him. Sir Henry was one of the most ruthless, successful and feared pirates who worked the Spanish Main. The wreck is said to be his flagship, Satisfaction, that was dashed on these shores in 1671 en-route to Panama City. Comaraca Kuna Yala Beach is a real Robinson Crusoe paradise with powdery sands and glistening turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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