News Benidorm isn’t all ‘fish and chips and some sun’

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Benidorm isn’t all ‘fish and chips and some sun’

Benidorm isn't all 'fish and chips and some sun'

Brits travelling on cheap flights to Alicante and onwards to Benidorm should head inland if they want to experience some Spanish culture.

This is according to the Spanish Tourism Office, which said that while the resort doesn’t have the best of reputations, it is close to ‘the vegetable garden of Spain’, which is home to some of the country’s most picturesque scenery.

Carmen Hernandez Gomez, a market analyst at the STO, said that much of Benidorm’s reputation has been built by people who have never actually been there.

"For people that want to have fish and chips and some sun, it’s the place to go. Obviously if you want to find out about the local culture it’s not," she commented.

"If you go inland it’s nice. In Spain, we call all that area the vegetable garden of Spain because it is really green."

The recent Lonely Planet Awards ranked Benidorm as the place most respondents wouldn’t want to visit, even if they were paid to.