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Top 9 reasons why you should visit Jersey with Loganair

Times are tough for travellers. But with the world preparing to reopen in 2021, we’re here to keep you dreaming and planning for your next adventure – whether you want to visit Jersey or fly off to other parts unknown. Until then, we’ve got the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates to keep you up to date and ready to go. Make sure to check the Visit Safe guide and current entry requirements for Jersey before planning your trip.

While lockdown slowly eases out, it’s good to know there is a getaway destination on your doorstep that’s equally suited for short breaks and long lazy summer holidays. Let Jersey inspire you to hit the road again since it boasts so much to offer!

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As part of the Common Travel Area, Jersey makes an excellent staycation for couples, friends, families, adventure seekers, and animal lovers. Hop on a great value Loganair flight to explore enigmatic castles and miles of sandy beaches, all from the sunniest spot in the British Isles.

Before you go some useful information to know:

Is it safe to fly with Loganair?

Loganair adheres to its strict FlySafe protocols which mirror those recommended by EASA. From mandatory face-coverings and auto-seat allocation for maximum social distancing, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. Find out more.

What is Jersey like to visit?

This tiny island in the British Channel has a lot to offer. Just 45 square miles in size, Jersey boasts beautiful beaches, fantastic country walks, fascinating history, and incredible wildlife.

Is it safe to visit Jersey right now?

Visit Safe Charter and COVID-19 protocols are in place, along with Loganair’s flexible booking options. You are free to explore as much or as little as you please during your Jersey holidays. Find out more about staying safe on your island break.

Is Jersey good for a holiday?

Jersey’s diverse attractions and natural beauty offer something for everyone and make it a popular destination for family holidays, romantic getaways, active experiences, and foodie weekend breaks.

What is the best month to visit Jersey?

Since Jersey is the most southerly of the Channel Islands, its climate is relatively mild. It is also the sunniest place in the British Isles as confirmed by the UK Met Office. The weather here is similar to the south coast of Britain but usually slightly warmer. The hottest days usually take place in July and August, with average temperatures around 18-20°C. The best time to visit Jersey is between June and October.

Do I need a passport or a visa to visit Jersey?

Jersey is part of the Common Travel Area, there are no immigration controls between the UK and Jersey. If you hold a British passport, you are not required to carry it to visit Jersey. You do not need to complete the UK Government Travel Declaration Form either. However, you will need to bring a photo ID such as a driving licence, and some transport providers would require you to also carry your passport. Check with your airline and ferry company before travelling to confirm what to expect. If you are visiting Jersey from abroad, whether you are a British passport holder or an EU or EAA national, you will need to show a valid passport or identity card to immigration control on arrival. You don’t need a visa if you’re an EU or EAA national. For more information, read the Advice for Visitors.

Rebalance closer to home

Travelling away to a holiday destination may sound unfamiliar at the moment. We’ve all been dreaming about going somewhere not too far yet a little out of the way, a little out of the ordinary. The island of Jersey is the sunniest place in the British Isles, right on your doorstep and ticks all of those boxes and more.

Feel free to kiss travel stress goodbye, escape to Jersey this summer and do as much or as little as you want.

Same language. Same currency. Same sockets. Yet a whole different experience.

Jersey’s spectacular scenery, diverse landscape, fascinating heritage, impressive gourmet scene, and wide range of activities will restore your balance, help you reconnect with loved ones and leave you refreshed, revitalised and ready to take on the world again.

Change the scenery without going abroad

Jump on a Loganair flight and you could find yourself sipping on a sundowner within hours.

If you are a British citizen, you can freely zip across the Channel in no time and take in the beauty and diversity of the island. You do not need to complete the UK Government Travel Declaration Form for travel to the island.

In 2020, Jersey topped sunshine charts in the British Isles.

As Jersey is located between the south coast of England and the north coast of France, it has a unique identity that, though now mainly anglicised, retains a uniquely French flair.

Tiny and safe, Jersey’s countryside, surrounded by picturesque fields, meadows, and hedgerows, makes it an ideal place to escape the crowd and simply be yourself. All you have to do in Jersey is to enjoy its expansive beaches, preserved coastal paths and tranquil lanes.

If you’re looking for some vivacity while in Jersey, St Helier, its central hub, should do the trick.

Find a quirky place to stay

Since the island you’re visiting has a distinct personality, it’ll be worthwhile to stay in an unusual location for a fresh and quirky perspective on Jersey.

Archirondel Tower in Jersey

Built in 1792, Archirondel Tower was used as a garrison for artillery soldiers and has been a key defensive point throughout Jersey’s history including WWII. The Tower can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children. Split over four floors, which are connected by a narrow spiral staircase, there is access to the roof terrace which offers stunning views across the bay.

A 1930s-style boat-shaped beach hut, La Crête Fort, Cider Barn, and Elizabeth Castle Apartment are just a few examples of other heritage properties available to hire in Jersey.

Enjoy the spectacular beaches

In Jersey, you are never far away from the ocean, and the local coastline. With stunning natural beauty on offer, enjoy romantic cliff top walks as well as a diverse selection of beaches, some of which have won numerous awards as the cleanest in Britain.

Jersey’s beaches have won numerous awards for being among the cleanest in Britain. Swimming is safe, there are also lifeguards on duty at the most popular spots in summer.

Family on a beach in Jersey
Jersey has one of the world’s largest tidal ranges, and at low tide, the island nearly doubles in size.

Find your dreamy spot to soak up the sun, whether you’re after the golden sandy bays of the south, the Atlantic waves of the west coast, or the sheltered coves and hidden rock pools of the northeast coast area.

Top 10 beaches in Jersey, Channel Islands

  1. Beauport Beach (South). Sandwiched between two cliffs, the shallow turquoise water rarely gets rough which makes it ideal for swimming. Dog-friendly.
  2. Plemont Bay (North West). A pristine sandy cove with rock pools, sea caves, a nice cafe is reachable by a long flight of steps. The Plemont beach is completely covered at high tide.
  3. Portelet Bay (South West). Sheltered sandy beach circling Janvrin’s Tomb at its heart. There is a restaurant that serves pizza throughout the season and a family-friendly Old Portelet Inn pub at the top of the steps.
  4. Anne Port (East). A quiet, peaceful and rarely crowded stretch of sand that catches the morning and midday sun.
  5. Grève de Lecq (North West). A vast crescent of golden sand wedged between the parishes of St. Mary and St. Ouen. With cliffs providing plenty of shelter, this beach gets the best sun in the morning or early afternoon. Ideal for families with kids.
  6. Marine Lake, St Aubin’s Bay (South). Restored tidal pool dating from Victorian times, one of the largest marine lakes in the UK. The sheltered swimming spot is overlooked by Elizabeth Castle, with La Fregate Cafe at the top of the slipway.
  7. St. Ouen’s Bay (West). One of the Channel Islands’ top surfing spots and also one of the longest beaches in Jersey (8 km). Patrolled by RNLI lifeguards during the season. Swimmers should take care of the strong currents and stick to the flagged zones.
  8. St. Brelade’s Bay (South West). Soft sand, safe swimming, various beach activities, seaside cafes and restaurants. Voted as №3 in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards. Lit with the sun for most of the day.
  9. Grouville Bay / Long Beach (East). A long stretch of sand leading to Gorey harbour, with Mont Orgueil Castle as a backdrop. There are plenty of parking spaces, several beach cafes and a children’s playground. In winter, it’s a popular stop-off for turnstones, sanderlings and other migratory birds.
  10. Havre des Pas (South West). Close to the centre of St Helier, this sandy beach is worth a visit to admire the stunning architecture of the art-deco-style lido pool that is filled daily by the tide.

Head to the comprehensive Jersey Beach Guide to pick your perfect spot in the sun.

Ride the wave

Did you know that the first surf school in Europe opened in Jersey back in the 1910s? Surfing, paddle-boarding, kiteboarding and kayaking are still huge on that tiny island full of surprises.

Kayaking in Jersey

Moreover, water sports can be enjoyed all year round in Jersey because of the Atlantic’s winter swells and the warmth kindly provided by the Gulf Stream.

Indulge in off-the-beaten-track wanderlust

Jersey is only nine by five miles with varied terrain, so it’s a rewarding idea to explore the island on foot.

A walking holiday in Jersey opens up the whole island for you to discover, from coastlines carpeted with gorse and wildflowers to peaceful wooded valleys, rugged beach trails and reservoir strolls.

Best self-guided walks in Jersey

With 15kg luggage as standard when you choose Loganair, there’s plenty of space to pack your walking boots too!

Discover Jersey’s history

From Neolithic dolmens and burial sites which are older than the pyramids to WWII island defenses, Jersey honourably bears traces of its colourful past.

For more than 400 years, Elizabeth Castle sitting in a rocky islet in St Aubin Bay has protected Jersey from invaders

Several ruins dating back to the Neolithic period, mesmerising castles and impressive fortifications are waiting to be explored. Make sure you pay a visit to Mont Orgueil medieval castle which has towered over the picturesque fishing village of Gorey for over eight hundred years. The Elizabeth Castle, surrounded by the sea, the Maritime Museum where you can see, hear, and even smell the exhibits, as well as one of the ten oldest buildings in the world, La Hougue Bie, is also not to be missed. Don’t miss the sobering Jersey War Tunnels.

Taste Jersey’s Big Four

The famed Jersey Royal potato travels from field to fork within 1 day and the seafood can be caught and eaten within hours.

Local delights can be enjoyed in many places throughout the island, from farm shops, village delis and field-side stalls to Michelin-starred feasts at top-rated restaurants.

Jersey's seafood

What’s included in Jersey’s Big 4:

  • Jersey cows. These cattle are gentle, curious and famous for their rich creamy milk. Treat yourself to locally made cheese and ice cream!
  • Jersey Royals (potatoes). Thanks to one of the largest tides in the world that nourishes the island with rich marine minerals, the Jersey Royals that have been grown here (and nowhere else) for over 140 years have such a unique flavour.
  • Lobster. The currents orbiting Jersey and the tidal movement refreshes the coastline twice a day bringing in shellfish, crab and lobster close to the shores. So that’s why if you see lobster served in Jersey, it’s 100% local (and 200% delicious).
  • Oysters. Jersey oysters, cultivated in shallow waters of Grouville Bay, best eaten with a castle as a backdrop and a sensational sea view.

It’s easy to get to

With Loganair launching new services from Aberdeen, Newcastle, Teesside and Norwich, and their new codeshare partnership with BlueIslands, Jersey is more accessible than ever from across the UK.

Loganair also offer their FlexProtect Promise for all new bookings, meaning should government travel advice change after you’ve made your booking, and it prevents you from legally travelling, you’ll have a choice of a refund or change in flight dates with no change fees.

Get the best deals on Loganair flights from your nearest airport to stunning Jersey. Book now!

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