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News Partnership Why you should look into long haul flights from Birmingham Airport

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Why you should look into long haul flights from Birmingham Airport

Long haul flights and Birmingham Airport, like beans and toast, go very well together. And just like beans and toast, it's easy to forget how convenient, comfy and budget-friendly flights from Birmingham to all corners of the world can be.

Shorter travel times. Short connections to popular destinations. Easy access at the heart of England. Here’s what makes Birmingham Airport the best place to start your journey –  whether you’re off to New York or New Zealand.

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You can save plenty of time (money, too)

For most of us in the Midlands, it’s just so much easier getting to Birmingham Airport than trekking down South or up North. Factor in that you can find just as attractive flight prices (plus some surprising super-bargains) and Birmingham is hands down the best place to start your journey.

Think about all the things you could say goodbye to:

  • The hassle of sorting out public transport
  • Paying for petrol and parking spots
  • Hotel fees (if you need to catch a first-thing-in-the-morning flight)
  • Losing half a day’s leave just getting to the airport
  • Doing it all again on the way home

Even with a connecting flight, you’re likely to save on total travel time because you won’t have to travel halfway across the country.

Good to know: Birmingham Airport ranks among the UK’s best value airports, according to a Skyscanner study.

You get to explore some cool connecting cities

Dubai view from the beach - direct flights from Birmingham

Speaking of connecting flights; they can add more holiday to your holiday. Many airlines offer stopover specials that let you see and stay in gorgeous destinations. Even if you’re just dropping by shortly, it’s a chance to relax and stretch your legs.

Here are some top stopover spots to look out for:

  • Istanbul, Turkey: Got over 6 hours in this historic metropolis? Explore sights like Hagia Sophia with Turkish Airlines’ Touristanbul.
  • Dubai, UAE: This jewel of the Emirates is paradise for those with long haul flights. Get ready for tantalising cuisine, luxurious sights and balmy beaches.
  • Doha, Qatar: Charming architecture, art and gorgeous coasts where you can tan even in March. And that’s before you reach your destination.

Of course, the airport experience itself can be just as exciting. Pausing in Amsterdam Schipol? Admire masterpieces at the Rijksmuseum outpost. In Munich? Expect anything from Oktorberfest celebrations to Christmas markets. Singapore Changi? Enjoy a travel paradise that boasts an indoor waterfall, outdoor pool, spa and cinema. Plus, a dedicated space for naps.

And if your long haul flight from Birmingham takes you to America via Dublin, you can save time by clearing customs in transit. That way, you’re free to explore as soon as you touch down.

It’s an international hub with a regional spirit

Almost 13 million people travelled through Birmingham in 2019. That’s the equivalent of nearly a fifth of the UK population. Yet despite its global nature, you’re sure to be greeted with friendly smiles and staff that are happy to help, from check-in to departure gate.

You can find great deals and long haul flights to faraway destinations – all year round

Need some winter sun, ASAP? Birmingham has you covered. A well-earned summer break somewhere far away? Sorted. That big adventure you’ve been dreaming of for years? With one-stop global flights from New York to Japan to Australia, you can kick it off here.

Let’s explore some of the great long haul flight deals you can find from Birmingham Airport:

Flight deals from Birmingham to America

Woman on High Line in New York City, United States

Seeking the emotional highs and sheer drops of epic roller coasters in Orlando? Living it up in New York? Or finding calm – and traces of Aztec history – on the white sand coasts of Cancun? Whatever your American dream holiday, Birmingham Airport has the flights to take you there.

Flight deals from Birmingham to Asia

India - flights from Birmingham Airport to Asia

Birmingham has some of the best Indian food in Britain. But you know where it’s even better? India. Good news is, with long haul flights from Birmingham, it’s easy to get to New Delhi and Amritsar direct or to Mumbai via one stop to experience Indian food and culture in all its glory. Or you could choose China, and explore modern metropolis Shanghai. Can’t decide? Experience the best of both worlds in Singapore.

Top flight destinations: Birmingham’s quite the gateway for an Asia getaway, offering non-stop trips to Dubai, New Delhi and Amritsar.

Flight deals from Birmingham to Australia and New Zealand

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand - why look for long haul flights from Birmingham

You might think the best prices for flights to Australia or New Zealand might be found from the capital. But deals from Birmingham to Sydney or Auckland actually tend to fall in a similar price range and you’ll have to connect wherever your UK starting point is from. That means you don’t have to go far to explore Bondi Beach in Sydney, reach Cathedral Cove from Auckland or take a picturesque tour of the Greath South West Edge starting from Perth.

Good to know: Travelling from somewhere like Leicester or Nottingham? You can save an hour on transport, plus the price of a train ticket or petrol.

Flight deals from Birmingham to Africa

Woman walking through Sahara desert - long haul flights to Africa from Birmingham

There’s a lot to do in Africa. You might want to dive deep into local culture in Johannesburg and get to know South Africa’s wonderful wildlife. You might want to feel like you’ve stepped into a movie, in which case you should set your sights on Marrakech. Or you might just want a balmy beach paradise. In any case, you’ll be able to do all of that, starting out from Birmingham Airport.

Ready to find your next journey? Choose “Birmingham” as your starting spot below and search for the best flights to your next holiday destination. ✈️ 🌏 👇

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