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Cheap flights to Lithuania

Have you ever dreamed of finding yourself in a real life fairy tale land? If yes, you should visit this Baltic wonder. It has work-of-art cities that turn into life-sized snow globes in winter. High wow factor beaches. A lot (a lot) of forests and fresh air. All that, plus hearty food and hearty beer. Flights to Lithuania might be cheap. But the memories you’ll collect? They’ll be priceless.

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Know before you go: The Lithuanian Government has announced travellers from the UK can visit without the need to isolate during their trip. Discover how you can explore Lithuania safely with the latest advice.

Cheap flights to Vilnius from £20. For real.

Welcome to the capital. Here you will find a UNESCO World Heritage Site old town (Senamiestis), beautiful buildings galore and plenty of green spaces. In fact, some of the best views of Vilnius are to be found on one of them. Namely, the Hill of Three Crosses. But this city on the river is also bubbling with modern creativity. You can find cool bars, cheeky street art and quirky displays of culture in Užupis. Vilnius also offers the best of hearty Lithuanian dishes – perfect after a long day of exploring.

Highlights in (and around) Vilnius:

  • Pay a visit to Vilnius Cathedral and Gediminas Castle
  • Marvel at the golden Gate of Dawn
  • Gather under a Christmas tree voted best in the world, twice in a row
  • Take a day trip to picturesque Trakai Castle

Where can I find direct flights to Vilnius from the UK? London, Liverpool, Belfast, Doncaster, Leeds.

Cheap flights to Lithuania’s second biggest city, Kaunas, from £34

Vilnius might get more attention, but Kaunas – once Lithuania’s temporary capital – is more than ready to stand under the spotlight. The city is a candy shop for architecture lovers. You have the swan-like grace of the Town Hall, the silver-blue domes of the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, and the red brick Germanic beauty of Vytautas the Great Church. You have modern wonders like the rectangle-heavy Christ’s Resurrection Church and the Courtyard Gallery. Oh and of course, the most famous one of them all – Kaunas Castle and its sharp piked tower.

Kaunas is also Lithuania’s basketball capital. Which, considering how the sport is almost a religion here, is quite a big deal.

Highlights in (and around) Kaunas:

  • Step into the Courtyard Gallery for hyperlocal street art
  • Revel at revered painter Palloni’s frescoes at Pazaislis Monastery
  • Have a wicked good time at the one of a kind Devils Museum

Where can I find direct flights to Kaunas from the UK? London, Edinburgh, Bristol.

Flights to Palanga on the picturesque Baltic Coast from £51

Cheap tickets to Lithuania aren’t limited to the two biggies. In fact, if the sea is what you want to see, you can fly straight from London to Palanga, instead of London to Vilnius. From here, it’s just a half hour to the port town of Klaipėda. But the main treat lies about an hour further, in the Curonian Spit. Here you will not only find blissful beaches, but also the epic sand dunes of Nida.

It’s no surprise that this sliver of land with coasts on both sides – with the Baltic Sea to the left and the Curonian Lagoon to the right – is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Highlights in (and around) Palanga:

  • Catch a sunset in Klaipėda
  • Visiting when it’s warm? Go for a lazy swim at Palanga’s blue flag beach
  • Explore the fascinating witch sculptures near Juodkrante
  • Don’t mind a bit of cold? Venture out to the Curonian Spit’s snow-blanketed beaches in winter

Where can I find direct flights to Palanga from the UK? London only (for now).

Find cheap flights to Lithuania. Then start dreaming for real.

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