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Bargains of the Week: St Petersburg | Oslo | Prague

Bargains of the Week: St Petersburg | Oslo | Prague

This week, take off to destinations where the days are long and dark nights have been banished.

Summer has arrived in St Petersburg and Oslo as the sun barely dips below the trees at night, leaving you more time for outdoor fun. Starry nights may still come to Prague but with jazz clubs, theatre, opera, ice cold beers and sumptuous food, you’ll hardly even notice!

St Petersburg £197

From swampy backwater to modern and majestic European city, St Petersburg is quite an achievement. Unlike Moscow’s red brick and gaudy domed vistas, St Petersburg’s network of narrow waterways and baroque and neoclassical architecture give the city a distinctly European flavour; even the residents fancy themselves ‘European’ and slightly more sophisticated than their easterly compatriots. St Petersburg has all the buzz of a new city, brimming with lively bars, edgy art galleries, underground clubs and appealing cuisine. St Petersburg in summer bursts with flowering trees, high art, cultural festivals and most wonderfully, the White Nights, those stunning long days where the sun barely dips below the horizon. Enjoy magical days and evenings in this revolutionary city. Find flights to St Petersburg.

Oslo £116

Oslo’s surroundings of fjords and woodland make this a wonderful getaway for those who love hiking, walking, cycling, climbing and generally any pursuit that involves being outside and expending some energy. However, if it’s a city break you’re after, Oslo has enough cultural attractions, nightclubs, cafes, and chic boutiques to entice even urban dwellers to its pristine shores. Oslo is the perfect size for exploring on foot. Make your first stop the National Gallery to gaze at Edvard Munch’s masterpiece, ‘The Scream’ then onward so the Ski Museum, Viking Ship or Folk Museum. There’s no need to rush your days, as you’re in the land of the Midnight Sun, giving you almost endless daylight hours for you to fill with live music, great restaurants and friendly bars. Find flights to Oslo.

Prague £69

Compelling Prague draws tourists in its droves every year and summertime is definitely one of the best times of the year to visit this beautiful city. The parks are in full bloom, the bars are brimming and the shimmering sun glistens on the Vltava River and lights up the breath-taking mix of Gothic, baroque and neoclassical architecture. Grab a Prague Card which gives you great discounts into Prague Castle and most of the museums and galleries in the city. Spend the summer days strolling along the Charles Bridge, popping into ‘Kavarna’s’ (cafes) for steaming coffee and spectacular cakes. The summer evenings are perfect for listening to jazz, going to the theatre or opera, kicking back on Kampa Island. Don’t forget to feast on goulash and sauerkraut with soft, fluffy dumplings, and wash it all down with some of the finest beers in the world. Find flights to Prague.