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Bargains of the Week: Porto | Paris | Zagreb

Bargains of the Week: Porto | Paris | Zagreb

Sun, city or secret city bargains this week from just £27 return!

Porto – £64

Head for fun in the sun in Portugal’s charming city, Porto, filled with elegant buildings and a UNESCO listed historical centre. As you climb narrow stone staircases, baroque churches peek out at you from around every corner before opening up onto neat little squares, beautiful plazas and wide tree lined boulevards.

Porto is filled with exciting urban art as well as the architecturally incredible new Álvaro Siza Vieira’s Museu de Arte Contemporânea and Rem Koolhaas’ Casa da Música; which are venues for great art and music. There are boutiques, galleries, parks and cafes to while away the sunny days and the warm nights are best spent on the river front where you can feast on incredible Portuguese cuisine and listen to Europe’s best DJs until the sun goes down. Find flights to Porto.

Paris – £27

Whether you’ve been to Paris before or not, the elegance, beauty and sheer romance of the city will seduce you from the second you step off the plane. By all means, climb the Eiffel Tower, visit Notre Dame and stroll along the Seine but come prepared to discover a Paris beyond its most famous landmarks.

Walk the lesser known backstreets and alleyways, dine in cafes and restaurants not in the guidebooks, uncover new delights, edible and visual, talk to real Parisians and try to create a Paris experience of your very own. It is not the Sacra Coeur or the Louvre or the Moulin Rouge that makes Paris captivating; Paris is the sum of all its parts; a magical city with stunning views, rich culture and a treasure trove of unexplored delights just waiting for you to find them. Find flights to Paris.

Zagreb – £86

East and Western Europe meet in this stunning Croatian city.Those who are in on Zagreb’s secrets enjoy that fact that it is often overlooked by tourists. The faded grandeur of Austro-Hungarian architecture adds to the charm and elegance of a city that really buzzes with life.

Stroll down sophisticated boulevards popping in and out of boutiques, and art galleries and museums. Enjoy the outdoor life as Croatians do, running, walking, playing and picnicking in the verdant green parks or along stretches of sublime coastline just outside the city. Cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants twinkle invitingly in the evening light while an unmistakeable European character infuses every nook and cranny of this beautiful city. Find flights to Zagreb.