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Bargains of the week: Krakow | Tübingen | Leiden

Bargains of the week: Krakow | Tübingen | Leiden

It’s that time of year again when students in Europe begin heading back into the classroom to fill their minds with knowledge. But if you’re not a student, that doesn’t mean that you can’t also partake in a little educational experience of your own.

This week you can take your own study tour to a few of the best university towns in Europe, at prices that even a college student would smile at. These places are all known for their long academic-related history, artsy cafes, young, hip inhabitants, a diverse, cultured atmosphere, and hopping nightlife.

They also have a certain friendly charm about them as well, so you’ll certainly get a warm welcome. And the best part of learning in this manner is that there’s no final exam at the end!

Krakow (from £9 return)

Krakow, home to nearly a dozen centers of higher education and almost 200,000 students in total, is known as the arts and culture capital of Poland. The former capital city boasts the largest market square in all of Europe, which not only is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also is where you’ll find the distinguished Jagiellonian University, circa 1364, with its interesting museums and giant library to explore. Find cheap flights to Krakow

Tübingen (Stuttgart, from £28 return)

The University of Tübingen, from 1477, dominates this well-preserved, historic, southwestern German town, but there are other colleges around as well. You can join the throngs of students that like to hang out around the Neckar River, or take a small boat out on it, which is a popular local pastime. The students also fill the town’s many lively bars in the evening. Find cheap flights to Stuttgart

Leiden (Amsterdam, from £40 return)

Dating from 1575, the University of Leiden is conveniently located in the centre of old town Leiden, where most of the other main places of interest lay as well. There is a botanical garden that is about the same age as the university, along with a maze of numerous canals, classical churches, and a castle that originally dates back to the 11th century. Find cheap flights to Amsterdam