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Bargains of the week: Krakow | Copenhagen | Madrid

Bargains of the week: Krakow | Copenhagen | Madrid

History, efficiency or pure pleasures are our best Bargains of the Week this week.

Whether you want to surround yourself with renaissance architecture, tour a cool, clean and safe city or simply hurl yourself into a hedonistic paradise, these three incredible cities should fit the bill.

krakow.poland.JPGKrakow £77

Undoubtedly Poland’s biggest draw is Krakow. No other city in Poland boasts as much fine original gothic and renaissance architecture as this majestic city, thanks to surviving the bombing in WWII, largely unscathed. Wind your way along the charming cobbled streets of the Old Town and stumble upon famous Wawel castle, Rynek Główny (the main town square) and many beautiful Jewish synagogues.

There are vast numbers of restaurants and cafes scattered all over Krakow and even if you do get lost down one of the many narrow alleyways, you’re sure to uncover an atmospheric basement bar or three where Slivovice (plum brandy) flows like water. Give yourself a week to explore this captivating city if you can, and uncover a real Eastern European treasure trove. Find flights to Krakow.

Copenhagen £68

Fashionable, cosmopolitan and packed full of modern design, Copenhagen is a city in full bloom and a fantastic place for a long weekend. A settlement of copper spires and cobbled streets, you’ll find no shortage of bars, cafes and restaurants, all with that uniquely Danish character that is both cosy and vibrant.

If you are looking for a break in a safe and clean city where locals speak excellent English and transport is so efficient that it makes the likes of London look like it’s having a meltdown, this is the place for you. Artistic and oozing cool, Copenhagen will inspire and stimulate your senses with its striking modernist architecture and delicious culinary delights. As exciting as Paris and London but much lighter on the wallet, Copenhagen is definitely a must see! Find flights to Copenhagen.

Madrid £50

If you’re looking for fun in the Spanish sun, then hedonistic yet sophisticated Madrid should tick all the right boxes. Madrid is more than a city; it’s a way of life and seems to exist for pure pleasure alone. This does not only apply to tourists but to the locals too, who embrace this culture with fervour.

The nightclubs never seem to close and you can feast on tapas well into the night. There are hundreds of galleries, showing exhilarating exhibitions and an incredible live music scene. Passionate Madrid has mastered the art of living the good life and you could be there, enjoying it with the locals. You’ll soon be made to feel right at home. Find flights to Madrid.