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Bargains of the Week: Kefalonia | Belgrade | Moscow

Bargains of the Week: Kefalonia | Belgrade | Moscow

Drop everything this month and nab one of our fantastic bargains, whether it’s an escape to the East, a gorgeous Greek getaway or a dash to a daring European destination.

Kefalonia, Greece – £77

For just £77 you could find yourself on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. From her rugged mountains, long grasses, sparkling seas and soft sandy beaches, Kefalonia’s landscapes look as though they’ve just had a fresh splash of paint. No matter where you are on the island, you’ll always be surrounded by the dazzling blues of sea and sky.

Take boat trips to Ithaka, dine Greek-style under the stars, climb mountains, tour monasteries, swim, dive, dance. This Ionian gem has the air of a place where time stopped hundreds of years ago, while the people are the warmest you’ll meet. Find flights to Kefalonia.

Belgrade, Serbia – £92

Serbia is a country with a difficult and complex history. But its capital, Belgrade is finding its place in new Europe and is a thrilling and surprising place to visit. Soviet-style architecture mingles with the grand and opulent, pedestrian streets groan with book shops and cafes, while the bohemian quarter, Sardarska, throngs with locals.

Belgraders flock to Lake Ada Cigliana in the summer for sun, and partying on floating bars or for woodland walks in the winter time. The nightlife is second to none and the food unique. Belgrade has a grit, determination and independence that other Eastern European cities just don’t have. Find flights to Belgrade.

Moscow, Russia – £210

If you are looking for intrigue, vitality and a city that has produced the most millionaires in the world, then Moscow is the place for you! Creativity and contemporary culture collide in this mega city. Regal and powerful, Moscow manages to retain a real mystery and allure. Be sure to visit the incredible Pushkin Museum, the red brick towers and icing-like domes of the Kremlin, and the stirring works of Tchaikovsky and Chekhov played out in the many theatres.

This is the place where you could write your own book; simply settle down in a bohemian art café or underground bar, order a vodka and let your imagination (and the alcohol) do the rest. Find flights to Moscow.