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Bargains of the week: Hamburg | Amsterdam | Madrid

Bargains of the week: Hamburg | Amsterdam | Madrid

Culture vultures will love this week’s featured destinations, each for under £50 return!

Hamburg from £29

The central hub of northern Germany, Hamburg (pictured) has become one of Europe’s most vibrant and captivating major cities and is often referred to as a ‘harbourpolis’ due to its bustling port. Experience the city’s bustling nightlife, cutting-edge arts scene and the beautiful 19th century riverside buildings at Speicherstadt, the warehouse district. Find flights to Hamburg

Amsterdam from £45

The Dutch capital regularly features in our top ten most popular cities, and with attractions ranging from the café scene to world-class art collections it’s easy to see why. A visit to Amsterdam is not complete without taking a cruise down one of the city’s canals, which are lined with hundreds of historic buildings. Find flights to Amsterdam

Madrid from £29

Take a trip to the Spanish capital and it’s clear that Madrileños are fiercely proud of their city. Home of the famous Real Madrid and many of Picasso’s finest works, Madrid also hosts a Jazz Festival from 2-20 November with some of the top acts from across the world performing. Find flights to Madrid