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Bargains of the week-European Feastivals: Galway | Naples | France

Bargains of the week-European Feastivals: Galway | Naples | France

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It’s September, it’s raining and if you’re like us you’ve already turned the heating back on, so what’s to be done about it? Well either you go looking for some guaranteed sunshine, or take up Skyscanner preferred pastime of winter comfort eating. Or if you’re very lucky, you could even do both.

This week we’re looking at foodie festival locations. We guarantee the food will put a smile back on your face but as one of our destinations is in Ireland, we’re not making any promises about the weather.

**Galway International Oyster Festival – 24th-27th September**

(from £71to Galway Airport, £41 to Shannon)

What’s the best thing about September? Well if you’re a seafood lover it’s that there’s an R in the month so oysters are back on the menu. Why not celebrate with fellow oyster fans at the Galway Oyster Festival where the attractions include the Guinness Irish Oyster Opening Championships, the Oyster Festival Gala Ball and, of course, all the oysters you can eat. Find cheap flights to Ireland

Pizzafest – Naples – 10th-20th September

(from £172 return)

Or if you fancy somewhere with a little more chance of sunshine, why not head to the Pizzafest in Naples where the city celebrates its most famous food. For almost two weeks the centre of Naples is filled with the irresistible smell of fresh pizza and the event also includes pizza making workshops, competitions and an entertaining evening programme of music and cabarets. Find cheap flights to Naples

La Semaine du Gout – throughout France – 10th-18th October

(from £18 return)

The Semaine du Gout – or Tasting Week – is celebrated in France’s key towns and gastronomic regions, with top chefs, cooks, farmers, writers and restaurateurs uniting in a mass of foodie events including tastings, cooking workshops, demonstrations and gourmet exhibitions. See the website for details of events all over France. Find cheap flights to France