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Babymoon Checklist

Check out our list of things to consider when booking a babymoon

Before you book your babymoon, ensure you have considered the below checklist:

  • How far along are you? Airline policies vary between carriers (for example easyJet cut off after 35 weeks whilst British Airways cut-off at 36 weeks), so ensure you have checked cut off dates before booking. In addition, make sure you take into account the return leg of your journey when obtaining your certificate

  • Make sure you take your maternity notes, contact details for your regular doctor and any prescriptions you may need

  • If you’re planning a spa trip remember many spa facilities i.e. Jacuzzi, steam, and sauna are not recommended for women throughout pregnancy. Many treatments are also not suitable in the first 12 weeks

  • Check you have sufficient travel insurance. Not all travel insurance policies will cover both mum and unborn child so make sure you have one that does cover both and will cover your infant if the delivery occurs while travelling

  • Make sure you travel with your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), which covers routine maternity care. Click here to apply for your EHIC online

  • Pregnant travellers should be aware of DVT prevention measures such as wearing support stockings, stretching / massaging your legs and walking up and down the aisle every half an hour or so. Drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated beverages