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BA Xmas Strike: Cancelled

The BA Xmas Strike has been cancelled.

UPDATED (17th Dec 09): The BA Xmas Strike has been cancelled.


The strike will be hitting Christmas and New Year travellers hard, coming at one of the busiest times of year for travel and disrupting plans for an estimated one million passengers.

At the time of writing, BA had not yet released details of the flights that would be affected by the strike, but some passengers are already booking alternatives, not wanting to risk the chance of being unable to reach their families at Christmas.

“We’ve already seen an 11% rise in user traffic Skyscanner since BA’s announcement of strike action. Right now, it looks like everyone is waiting for more information; no one wants to buy another flight unless they’re sure they have to.

“But there will be big search spikes once BA release details of which flights will be affected so it’s worth checking out the alternatives now in case your flight is affected” said Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner travel expert.

Looking for alternative flights? Visit to see what your options are.

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