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BA launches new Amsterdam to NY route

BA launches new Amsterdam to NY route

British Airways (BA) is set to launch an additional route through its new OpenSkies airline with a new flight to Amsterdam from New York.

This is the second route to New York JFK airport that has been launched by the service, which is due to commence on October 15th.

The carrier already runs flights to New York from Paris Orly.

OpenSkies operates with a three-cabin service that includes business class, premium economy and a smaller economy section.

The launch of the new service by BA follows the £54 million purchase of business class carrier L’Avion, which will be incorporated into OpenSkies.

BA launched its new subsidiary to take advantage of the EU-US open skies agreement designed to open up the transatlantic aviation market.

OpenSkies, which was launched last month, will run its services to New York alongside the established L’Avion routes.