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BA introduces new bag charges

BA introduces new bag charges

British Airways (BA) is set to introduce a new Heavy Bag Charge for luggage from November.

The airline will begin charging a £25 fee for bags that weigh more than 23kg and less than 32kg from November 26th.

Customers will only be able to pay the new charge at the airport, while BA has also said that it will not accept luggage that weighs more than 32kg on its flights.

BA will also introduce new excess baggage charge prices from September 1st that will see customer payments increased by 20 percent.

However, the airline is keen to encourage customers to use its website, so offers a 20 percent discount to those that pay in advance online.

BA is one of several international airlines that have cut prices on some of their flights. Tickets for flights on some of the carrier’s routes have been reduced by as much as 36 per cent.

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