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Awesome Autumn Travel: the coolest time to visit the hottest cities

Awesome Autumn Travel: the coolest time to visit the hottest cities

Skyscanner takes a look at five notoriously hellish summer cities, and tells you why autumn is the coolest time to visit.

In the heat of the summer, the city can be a hellish place. Sewers are stinking, shirts are sticking, everyone is hot, everyone is bothered. Crowds line the streets, public transport is a nightmare, and all in all, there are far better places to be.

Enter Autumn. At this time of year, the crowds evaporate, along with the heat and high prices, leaving behind cooler climes and cheaper times.

Athens – by Autumn, temperatures in the ancient Greek capital have cooled off to a pleasant level. Apparently the 6th most visited capital in the world, Athens is an ideal base from which to explore the four surrounding mountains (Parnitha, Penteli, Hymettus and Egaleo) and go mountain biking, rafting or just walking along the well marked paths to take in the beautiful gorges, springs and waterfalls that dot the region. Find cheap flights to Athens (prices from £66 return including taxes).

Rome – they say that autumn in Rome is like a good British summer – warm, sunny and blue. Whilst this isn’t guaranteed, autumn is a far better time to visit the Italian capital than summer, unless of course, you enjoy having your shirt permanently fused to your back. Now’s the time for you to take in the ancient Roman landmarks – The Colosseum, The Temple of the Pantheon and The Imperial Forums, without having to battle the crowds. Find cheap flights to Rome (prices from £37 return including taxes).

Istanbul – though not as famous as other ‘leaf viewing’ destinations, the Turkish capital has some impressive leafy avenues well suited to romantic strolls. Now is the ideal time to see the trees on the Sultanahmet turn gold, matching the guilded décor of the Topkapi palace. Watch the world pass by from a cosy cafe, whilst warming up with a cup of dark, rich, black Turkish coffee. Find cheap flights to Istanbul (prices from £59 return including taxes).

Madrid – summer may be over in the UK, but the weather is still warm in Spain making autumn a great time to visit the capital. If you’re an art fan, visit the ‘Golden Triangle’ – an area with three of Madrid’s finest art museums. If pictures aren’t your bag – how about the zoo? Home to around 3000 animals that roam free behind moats rather than cages, it’s regarded as one of Europe’s finest. Find cheap flights to Madrid (prices from £30 return including taxes).

Lisbon – with temperatures in the late teens, autumn is a wonderful time to discover the Portuguese capital – one of the few in Europe that offer both a river and a coastline. A city set on seven hills, explore the quiet, romantic, narrow streets of the old quarters of Alfama and Bairro Alto, or hop on a boat trip and take a mini cruise up the river Tejo. Find cheap flights to Lisbon (prices from £51 return including taxes).

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