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Autumn Adventures; the coolest time to visit the hottest places

Autumn Adventures; the coolest time to visit the hottest places

Summer may be the most popular time of year to take a break, but it’s not always the best time.

The large crowds can be unbearable and the prices unreasonable. But as autumn advances, the heat fades, the crowds disappear, (along with the sunburn and sweat) leaving behind a cooler, calmer and cheaper destination.

Skyscanner takes a look at ten notorious holiday hotspots which are ideal for cool autumn adventures.

dolphin.JPGOrlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, home of Mickey, Minnie and friends at Walt Disney World, along with the other huge theme parks, is overrun with throngs of tourists, including lots of young children, all summer long. That means long lines and jacked up prices. And in Florida, the temperatures can also be scorching during summer. But in autumn, you’ll have a cooler, less crowded experience, and the chance to score off-season deals at the same time. The lovable Disney characters await! Find cheap flights to Orlando

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, the most popular of the Greek islands, with its bright white buildings and sea blue roofs, set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, is also one of the most visited spots in all of Greece. In autumn everything calms down, including the heat, so you actually get to relax and enjoy this gorgeous island with a bit of peace and more pleasant temperatures. Find cheap flights to Santorini

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has become a big must-see European destination for people from all over the world lately, which means the city can become bogged down with tourists during the summer. But in autumn, the leaves are turning, and the locals are returning following their summer escapes, so you’ll be able to enjoy this Danube-hugging gem of a town with fewer queues and crowds. Find cheap flights to Budapest

Chicago, Illinois

The “windy city” may be situated on one of the world’s largest lakes and get quite chilly in the winter, but its mid-continent locale additionally makes for steamy summers. Even though Chicago won’t be seen on worldwide TV screens for the 2016 Olympic Games, stop in to see it for yourself this autumn, when you can taste the flavours of the season, like hot cocoa, apple cider, a bowl of hearty chilli or a slice of pumpkin pie. Find cheap flights to Chicago

palace.seoul.south.korea.JPGSeoul, South Korea

Jennifer Barclay, South Korean expert and author of Meeting Mr Kim, says autumn is an ideal time for a first visit to the country. The days can be sunny and warm without being oppressively hot, the beaches and mountains are often empty, and the maple leaves change to a spectacular red. There are also cultural festivals across the country celebrating local traditions such as eel-catching and lantern-making. The Seoul Grand Sale is also on until November, offering big discounts plus there’s free entry to many palaces and museums. Find cheap flights to Seoul

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is a beach bum’s dream and a party animal’s paradise in the summertime, with sandy beaches galore, raging nightlife, and plenty of heat and sun. But in autumn, the crowds begin to thin, and it’s the ideal time to take advantage of its other attributes; miles of scenic hiking trails, the grape harvest season and wine sampling, plus various historical attractions which make for a very different kind of Mallorcan holiday. Find cheap flights to Palma

San Antonio, Texas

Ever longed to make like a cowboy and spend some time in the Lone Star State, without melting? If so, a visit to San Antonio and its Texas Star Trail in autumn is the place to head. It’s full of Wild West history with places such as the Alamo, the L. Frank Saddlery building, the Navarro House, and dozens of other structures of historical importance. Find cheap flights to San Antonio

Tokyo, Japan

This ultra-modern metropolis is known for its advanced technologies, jam-packed, lightning-fast trains and colourful street fashion, but also has the added reputation of being expensive and very crowded. But by autumn the heavy heat and humidity of summer has passed so you’ll be able to enjoy the glitz of Shinjuku, the gadgets of Akihabara and the gothic girls of Harajuku, in the cooler autumn climes. Find cheap flights to Tokyo

Venice, Italy

While winding through the streets of Venice, marvelling at the elegant architecture and admiring the maze of canals, instead of bumping into other gawkers and roasting under the summer sun, an autumn visit to the northern, coastal Italian city will prove to be much more refreshing. Most of even the ritziest hotels slash their prices too after the peak-season crowds depart, so your wallet can also breathe easier! Find cheap flights to Venice

san.diego.JPGSan Diego, California, USA

San Diego is known for its year-round pleasant, dry weather, but in summer, the mercury can sometimes spike in this Pacific coast hotspot. Instead, go now; the tourists have left, so it’ll just be you and the locals at some of the best places in town. Don’t miss downtown’s quaint Gaslamp Quarter, and Coronado Island with its grand old, possibly haunted, hotel. Also, step onto the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier and check out its museum, and look for other imposing navy ships and that are docked around the shoreline. Find cheap flights to San Diego