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App of the week – Tour Wrist

App of the week - Tour Wrist

Check out your destination in 360 degrees before you travel

Launched last year, Tour Wrist is a clever interactive app for iPhone and iPad which lets you view a series of beautifully photographed landmarks in 360-degrees. Over 18,000 “tours” across the world are available to explore, from Times Square in New York to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


Tour Wrist uses what it calls 3D-viewing technology to allow iPhone or iPad users to view tours in ‘immersive’ mode, allowing them to rotate their iOS device in front of them and experience their chosen location as if they were actually there. Or if you prefer, you can simply swipe through the image whichever way you like in 360 degrees and watch the landscape unravel.

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The app works well at capturing sport and music events, including the tour of Jay Z at Coachella (pictured) where you can move through the crowd and back onto the stage, reliving a moment of the gig in a unique way. Sharing experiences with friends may become a big part of the future of the apps’ future, as there are plans to allow iPhone users to capture their own scenes and submit their own virtual tours with the launch of the TourWrist API in June this year.


Tour Wrist lets you easily share your favourite tours with friends on Facebook or Twitter, and each tour also offers handy links through to book flights or hotels nearby the location of the scene you’re viewing.

Those who don’t have an iPhone or iPad can also use Tour Wrist on a laptop or PC – full-screen mode is particularly impressive due to the high-quality images taken by professional photographers. Though we love the abiity to virtually travel anywhere in the world for panoramic views, we’re also looking forward to being able to submit our own tours for you to enjoy. Watch this space!

Tour Wrist is free at the app store. Watch the video below to see Tour Wrist in action.