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App of the week – A Hedonist’s Guide (Hg2)

App of the week - A Hedonist's Guide (Hg2)

We’ve been a fan of A Hedonist’s Guide (Hg2) city travel guides for some time now, and were delighted to hear about the launch of Hg2’s iPhone app featuring 41 destination guides in one app.


As with the print edition of Hg2, the reviews lean more towards the discerning and independent traveller and feature high-end, stylish attractions in each destination. The chunky buttons and slick interface make browsing the guides effortlessly quick and enjoyable, and the reviews are concise, ideal for reading on the move.

The Hg2 iPhone app features Augmented Reality, allowing the user to view the city on their iPhone with geo-tagged venues displayed on-screen around you. This is incredibly handy when you’re lost and can be far easier – not to mention more fun – than reading a map. Other helpful features include links to venue websites, phone numbers alongside the in-app browser and foursquare check-in.


Our favourite feature however was the ability to create a handy Itinerary by saving items in a single click into the Itinerary folder on the app homepage. Another very cool feature is the ‘soundtrack to your city’ feature which is available for some destinations, featuring a playlist of tracks influenced by that destination, a nice introduction to cutting-edge tunes in somewhere like Berlin or London, though you do have to then click through to purchase these tracks from iTunes.

Our verdict is the Hg2 is definitely one of the most sophisticated and definitely the most stylish iPhone travel app on the market, definitely worth a browse ahead of a trip to gain inspiration as well as an invaluable tool while on location.

The Hg2 collection is available on iTunes priced at £9.99 for the complete set of 41 destinations and 59p for individual guides.