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The Antichrist(mas) – 5 places to escape the festive fuss

Does Christmas cheer just give you festive fear? Have your doubts over Brussels’ sprouts?

Does Christmas cheer just give you festive fear? Have your doubts over Brussels’ sprouts?

For all the Ebeneezers out there, Skyscanner introduces five Christmas-free locations.

Bah humbug.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is one of the closest escapes from the festive fuss, being just a 3.5 hour flight away from London. Instead of being subject to tacky Christmas trees, over-the-top energy gobbling light displays and numerous Santas’ grottos, you can instead wander the souks, sip mint tea and browse the spice markets. However, if you do want a white Christmas, you are almost guaranteed it at Oukaimeden ski resort in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, which lies just 45 miles south of Marrakech and is an easy day trip from the city. Find cheap flights to Marrakech

Istanbul, Turkey

Christmas in Turkey does of course offer a bewildering array of poultry-based jokes which will keep you busy till New Year, however that’s where the festive theme stops, as Christmas is not traditionally celebrated here. So swap the turkey for Turkish Delight and the Brussels’ sprouts for Borek – a thinly rolled pastry with cheese, minced meat, spinach or potato filling. Top if off with a puff on a shisha – a traditional water pipe through which fruit tobacco is smoked. Find cheap flights to Istanbul

Bangkok, Thailand

As well as being a Christmas-free country – the festive period is an ideal time to visit Thailand as it falls during the country’s ‘cool’ period when the humidity drops, thus making it a perfect winter sun destination. Spend some time wandering the famed Khao San road, visit the Chatuchak market and then head out to one of the islands such as Phuket to spend a relaxing Christmas day on the beach, far away from Britain’s icy shores. Find cheap flights to Thailand

Tokyo, Japan

Although you might see giant robotic Santas in Tokyo, Christmas is not traditionally celebrated in Japan. Instead you can wander the energised streets of one of the world’s most intriguing capitals. The Ginza district is the place to head for bars, restaurants and great shopping and gadget geeks should head to Akihabara, Tokyo’s ‘electric town’, the place to find cutting-edge electronics, which make ideal stocking fillers for your friends back home. Find cheap flights to Tokyo

Rudolph Island

The only thing Christmassy about this place is the name. However, don’t expect to see Rudolph and his Reindeer buddies prancing about with Santa in tow here. This wild, barren island located in the north of the Franz Josef Archipelago is almost entirely glaciated and completely unpopulated. Which makes it the perfect place to avoid Christmas, cheer, or any form of joy in your heart. Sadly, there are no cheap flights to Rudolph Island (or flights of any kind) so you’ll have to join an arctic expedition to get here.