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Android travel apps – discover the best free & paid apps with Skyscanner

Got Android, will travel! Our pick of the best travel apps for Android.

Have you just got a new mobile and haven’t got a clue what the best Android apps are for your phone? Or maybe you’re an old-hand with your smartphone and looking to find out some new free Android apps? You’ve come to the right place.


Our trusted smartphone is now an essential tool for when we travel, helping us with everything from checking flight times to keeping us entertained on a long journey. There are a huge range of paid and free Android travel apps available for savvy travellers to make the difference between a missed flight and a smooth journey.

Here at Skyscanner, we have scoured the market to find you the best Android travel apps, whether you’re into reading to skiing, whether you need translation or inspiration. In no particular order, here are our top 10 Android travel apps.

1. Goodreads (free)

If you don’t know what book to read on the sun lounger, Goodreads offers inspiration, whether you want crime or chick-lit. Check book reviews by friends and fellow bookworms, and amuse yourself with fun extras like the ‘guess the first sentence’ quiz.

2. OnTheSnow (free)

If Zermatt is lacking coverage, maybe there’s perfect powder in Les Arcs? If you’re thinking of heading off on a short-notice ski or snowboarding trip, this app reports on snow conditions so you can decide where to go – especially useful in early and late season.

3. AlpineQuest GPS Hiking (£6.49)

Anyone who has been high-level walking, whether it’s in the Swiss Alps or the Peak District, will know that you can check the weather before you go, you can weaqr sensible shoes, but you can still get lost in a sudden blizzard. This orienteering app with GPS tracking software will tell you where you are. Which could be quite important in a sticky situation.

4. Airbnb (free)

Linda Edstrand, our well-travelled Product Manager (and a few others here at Skyscanner who’d list it in their top 10 Android apps) recommends the very cool Airbnb, which lets people list, discover, and book unique accommodation around the world.

5. TravelSafe Pro (£0.89)

Like a hard hat in a hailstorm, this is a potential life-saver. Let’s hope you’ll never need to call mountain rescue, or the British embassy, but if you do need the emergency services, consular assistance, or the A-Team, this app provides all such useful numbers. Ideal for the solo traveller.

6. WhatsApp (free)

Scott Krueger, Skyscanner’s Technical Manager, Databases says: “Text/chat/voip/whatever for free when connected to wireless, which means no toxic 3G data or phone bills.”

7. Maverick Pro (£3)

If you are to take the road less travelled, or not the road at all, Maverick Pro is for you. It’s an off-road, offline GPS navigator with maps and compass and track recording which is great for hiking, boating, geocaching and other outdoor activities.

8. Expense Manager (free)

This prudent app extends the helping hand of austerity to the fiscally inept, facilitating the management of multiple budgets on the go. One nifty feature is that it can scan receipts for your expenses so the accounts department won’t be able to question the cost of your six Campari and sodas at the airport.

9. Wikitude (free)

The original augmented reality app, Wikitude ‘allows you to see things you wouldn’t normally see’. No, not ghosts but for example, user ratings about hotels and information about historic attractions. Just point your phone at your target and up pops the one-star review telling you ‘don’t stay here’.

10. Skyscanner (free)

Skyscanner’s free app – the world’s most powerful and flexible flight search app – makes it possible to search and book cheap flights on the go. When you’re looking for travel inspiration you only have to spin the globe to see which destinations are cheapest to reach. Mobile flight search has never been so powerful!

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