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American Airlines announces check bag charges

American Airlines announces check bag charges

American Airlines has announced plans to charge passengers $15 (£7.60) to check bags on selected flights.

The move comes as part of a series of revenue growth efforts designed to help offset the rising cost of fuel.

Effective for tickets bought on or after June 15th, the fee will apply to the first piece of checked luggage on discount, domestic flights.

Members of its AAdvantage frequent-flyer scheme who have achieved AAdvantage Gold, AAdvantage Platinum and AAdvantage Executive Platinum will not have to pay the charge, nor will passengers flying on international routes with American.

Other changes will see fees for transporting pets and oversized luggage increased from between $5 and $50 per service.

Chairman and chief executive Gerard Asprey, said: "While we understand that these fees affect customers, we also believe that our pricing for the services we provide remains extremely competitive in the industry and continues to offer our customers ample choice and value.

"The bottom line is that our revenues, which include ticket sales and fees, must keep pace with our increasing costs."

Several large airlines have announced charges for second bags over recent months, with Virgin America, AirTran, US Airways and United Airlines all adding extra fees.

The change follows recent news from low-cost carriers Aer Lingus and Ryanair, who have also added fees for checking luggage on to short haul flights. Both carriers hope to keep costs down by encouraging passengers to take carry-on bags using the free-of-charge 10kg cabin luggage allowance.

EasyJet don’t have a weight limit for carry-on bags; instead they stipulate that baggage must fit into the overhead lockers and that passengers must be able to place it there without assistance.