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Almost Fearless: Blog of the Week

Ever fantasised about living a life of lounging in a hammock on a beach in Thailand?

Fed up with your office job? Ever fantasised about living a life of lounging in a hammock on a beach in Thailand? Well, Christine Gilbert of Almost Fearless actually did it.


The travel blogosphere seems to be full of people who quit/got laid off from their high-flying job and took the opportunity to chuck it all in and go travelling, and tell the world about it. Gilbert is one of these people. She and her husband Drew (who also has a blog) did exactly that. And they even had a baby, Cole, who travels the world with them. This seems to be the blog’s USP – it is sub-titled ‘travel + writing + baby (?)’

The Gilberts are still travelling, so you can vicariously catch up on the progress as they adjust to life in Beijing, having moved on from that hammock in Thailand. The blog details the trials, tribulations and many, many joys of their travels. It has an addictive, page-turning quality that is characteristic of a personal blog like this – in the same vein as soap opera or a lightweight but thoroughly enjoyable book.

Almost Fearless will appeal to anyone who likes to follow someone else’s adventures, live their life through their words and pictures. The Gilberts’ story will prove inspirational to anyone who dreams of giving up their job, travelling the world etc, etc… especially if that involves a baby.

In addition to Christine’s eminently readable prose, the blog is bulging with photography of a professional standard. It is design-conscious, without distracting from the story. There is also a Thai cookery section that is worthy of a blog itself, again with top quality photos that wouldn’t look out of place in a celeb chef’s recipe book.

While some may find Almost Fearless a little on the smug side, that’ll probably just be envy that the Gilberts have actually gone and done what many of us want to do. You’ll soon be engrossed and clicking to see what baby Cole has been up to. But be careful, you’ll be quitting your job next.

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