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Airport security scanner trialled in US

Airport security scanner trialled in US

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is considering using portable scanners at airports throughout the country.

Authorities tested the machinery throughout August and September, report USA Today, but could soon make use of it at other airports throughout the country.

The machine works as a standalone scanner that can be used to scan people moving through terminals around 30 feet from the device itself.

Testing was carried out at Minneapolis-St Paul and Denver International Airport, where two people were stopped by police for questioning as passengers made their way to and from flights.

David Barrett, TSA security chief at Denver, told news agency: "We didn’t catch any terrorists, but we don’t know who we may have deterred because of the unit."

Meanwhile, an alternative security scanning technology is under development in the UK’s University of Manchester which is capable of learning about new characteristics of hazardous substances.

Developers hope that the new device could eventually be used under airport carpets or floors.

Context will be development of a similar terminal scanner developed by British scientists.

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