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Following a long hiatus, is back.


Following a long hiatus, is back. If you ever wondered what delights different airlines serve at 40 thousand feet – this is the place to find out.

Founded in 2001, the site offers pictures, descriptions and even ratings of plane food on carriers from all over the world. Browse thousands of images of compact trays containing neat plastic dishes, cellophane enveloped bread rolls and clear cartoons of juice.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is being able to select an airline and seeing what might be on the menu. For example, click on Air China and you’ll find it’s beef with rice, tofu and Chinese cabbage. On Air Vanuatu you might be served chicken with boiled potato and vegetables, followed by cheesecake, cheese and crackers. Siberia Airlines offer smoked salmon, pike-perch with white sauce and cake for desert. Whilst Air Greenland will serve meat balls, roast potatoes and egg salad.

Anyone can add pictures and comments of their own airline eating experiences and even join the forum to discuss their epicurean adventures at altitude with other plane food enthusiasts.

A quirky, fun and filling website, gets a gourmet rating from Skyscanner.

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